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Latest news on Minsk Agreements

Ministry of Defence: KIEV ordered not to let the UN observers to the positions of the Ukrainian forces

According to the Ministry of Defence of the Donetsk Republic the illegitimate ukrainian military formations have got orders to sabotage the work of the UN Monitoring Mission. This information came from the Ministry of Defence Deputy Minister Eduard Basurin.

"It came to our knowledge yesterday from a defector, who joined the insurgent forces, that commanders (of the pro-Ukrainian forces) in the operation zone have got orders under any pretences not to let the UN military observers close to the locations of their heavy weaponry and military vehicles".

Under these orders of the ukrainian authorities it is also recommended to collect personal information of the observers of the UN Monitoring Mission, schedule of their work, brands and registration numbers of their vehicles. "All the received information is transferred to the headquarters of the Anti-insurgent operation, where measures to block the work of the UN observers are undertaken." – stressed E. Basurin.

Speaker for the Donetsk Ministry of Defence also added that, according to the radio captures, the Ukrainian part is thus trying to cover up their violation of the Minsk Agreements.

"These radio captures give clear evidence that the Ukrainian forces are not going to withdraw heavy military vehicles and armory from the forefront locations. More over, they are covering them up and deceiving the US Monitoring Mission", marked E. Basurin.

Date of publication: 03 Март 2015, 21:00


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