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Body of British man killed in 'Black Widow' mystery was returned to the UK 'minus his kidneys and liver

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Body of British man killed in 'Black Widow' mystery was returned to the UK 'minus his kidneys and liver despite evidence he had been poisoned'

Wealthy IT consultant Barry Pring, 47, was killed in a hit-and-run in Kiev in 2008
Inquest raised questions over involvement of internet bride Ganna Ziuzina
Now it has emerged Mr Pring's body returned to the UK missing his organs
His body had also been embalmed meaning blood tests could not be undertaken
Family say evidence suggests Mr Pring was poisoned and there was a cover-up
Boris Johnson has met family's MP and would like UK police to conduct review

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By Shari Miller For Mailonline

PUBLISHED: 11:43 GMT, 5 February 2017 | UPDATED: 11:44 GMT, 5 February 2017

The body of a British millionaire said to have been lured to his death by his Ukranian 'Black Widow' bride was sent back to the UK with his kidneys and liver missing, despite evidence suggesting he had been poisoned.

Barry Pring, 47, was mysteriously killed in a high speed, hit-and-run while flagging down a taxi on a motorway in Kiev in 2008, following dinner with his internet bride, former lap dancer Ganna Ziuzina.

An inquest into this death last month ruled the IT consultant was unlawfully killed and there was evidence suggesting Miss Ziuzina, who was 19 years his junior, arranged his brutal death to seize his £1.5million inheritance.

The body of Barry Pring, 47, pictured with wife Ganna Ziuzina, 38, was returned from Kiev to the UK with his liver and kidneys missing, amid questions over whether he was poisoned

Now further details have emerged, including that when his body was returned to the UK a week after his death, it was missing the kidneys and liver, and had been embalmed, meaning Barry's blood could not be tested.

The businessman had also asked for milk at the restaurant after complaining of a burning pain. 

Barry's brother, Shaughan, 54, told The Sun on Sunday: 'It suggests they got rid of organs that could have shown up drugs.

'I also remember that woman [Barry's wife] asking me if the coroner would carry out another autopsy in Britain. She was obviously worried about it.'

The latest revelations about the case came to light just days after Mr Pring’s MP Neil Parish met Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities.

Mr Parish said: ‘I would like a British police force to take over the inquiry, but this is obviously difficult when the incident occurred in another state.


'Gold digger': Evidence heard at the inquest suggests Miss Ziuzina, who was 19 years younger than her husband, arranged his brutal death to seize his £1.5million assets

‘Boris Johnson has agreed to raise our request through the Foreign Office and his counterpart in Ukraine.’

Shaughan, of Cullompton, Devon, said: ‘If this could be agreed it would be a big step forward. No one has taken ownership of my brother’s case.

‘British police have no jurisdiction, our Foreign Office has achieved little, and after nine years the Ukrainian police are no further forward.’

Last week, Miss Ziuzina's former best friend Tatiana Pereklita claimed the former stripper had 'no love' for the businessman - and was not upset by his death.

'There was no love there. Anna [Ganna] just found a wealthy husband for herself,' Tatiana said.

'And Barry was not a young boy, he wanted to get married. I think both of them knew exactly what the other wanted.

'I knew Barry. He was a good man, very nice and polite. I attended their wedding and later we met each other in the same group of friends.'

Tatiana added: 'She [Ziuzina] just wanted his money. She thought of him as just an old bloke in love with her whom she could use.'

The inquest heard that Barry was allegedly tricked into standing by a busy dual carriageway following a boozy dinner with his wife and was killed instantly by a car travelling at up to 80mph, without its lights on and carrying stolen number-plates.

The car did not apply its breaks. Barry was pinned and dragged against the barrier for 100ft.


The family of Barry Pring believe that his wife, Ghanna Ziuzina, was involved in his death

Barry, originally from Devon, owned five properties and was worth an estimated £1.5million. His assets are currently frozen under a High Court order.

His wife did not attend his inquest, asserting that she had nothing to say.

The inquest also heard from Barry's best friend, lawyer Peter Clifford, who told the court that he was sure Anna was involved in his death.

He said: 'There is no reasonable doubt in my mind that Barry was murdered. Nor is there any doubt that [Ghanna] arranged for, or was complicit in his murder.'

Mr Clifford described his friend as 'hopelessly under her control' and 'infatuated' but said that the wedding celebrations were 'unnatural and false'.

When out for dinner on another occasion with the couple, Mr Clifford said Ziuzina had told him: 'Local police are corrupt and if one pays them, one can get away with anything.'

He added: 'I have no idea why she made that comment.'

The police probe into his death has been dogged by accusations of corruption but British detectives cannot travel to Ukraine to investigate his death - and his wife's alleged involvement - without the permission of local authorities.


Irene and Shaughan Pring, the mother and brother of Barry Pring, outside Devon County Hall

It is claimed a close friend of Miss Ziuzina was a senior officer in the Ukraine police traffic department at the time of the murder.

She was granted legal aid to fight for a major share of her ex-husband's fortune following his death - leading to a bitter falling out with his family.

Now the inquest has finished, the legal battle over his estate is set to resume in court.

Miss Ziuzina, now 38 and known as Julianne Moore, has since moved to Spain with her new husband, wealthy British businessman, Ivan Lister, with whom she has a three-year-old daughter.

The internet bride also bought a three-bedroom flat £130,000 in a nearby development for her parents.

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