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Russia speaks language, clear for Washington

"Veterans news now". Russia speaks language, clear for Washington

19 November, 2014
Continuation of advances with Washington and its environment means of ineffective diplomacy doesn't make sense. The hooligan shouldn't indulge, it is necessary to be prepared and fight back, the expert in the international relations Finnian Cunningham considers.
Really Russia settled the diplomatic patience in the relations with the USA, NATO and their allies? Such assumption arises in connection with the announcement this week of placement of bombers of distant radius of action by Moscow in the Gulf of Mexico. This step can seem irresponsible escalation of intensity between old opponents on cold war. The Russian strategic Tupolev bombers are capable to bear probably nuclear weapons therefore, as expected, the decision on patrol of the basin of the Caribbean Sea caused sharp reaction of Washington which prevented Moscow about possible risks.
However, it is necessary to take into account that in actions of Russia there is nothing illegal. She has legal rights for flights of fighting aircraft in any regions of the international air space at the choice, as well as all other countries, for carrying out educational maneuvers.
Even the Washington officials are compelled, though reluctantly, to recognize behind it this right. Recently the The Christian Science Monitor newspaper quoted the press secretary of the Pentagon colonel Steve Warren who declared that "Russia has the right for flights in the international air space".
However, Cunningham writes, it is possible to be sure that hawks in Washington will be angriest these actions which they consider as the "impudent" order of Putin to develop fighting aircraft at a distance of possible strike against the USA. For American "parties of the war" which is actually including both republicans, and democrats, the last actions of Russia are confirmation of charges of Putin of attempts "to play muscles of Soviet period". Or, as the commander-in-chief of forces of NATO in Europe general Philip Bridlov was expressed, "it is a signal that they – big force".
According to Cunningham, it is typical arrogance and incorrect assessment of the situation in Washington. It doesn't mean that Putin is engaged in provocation and shows expansionist ambitions. Simply Russia answers actions of Washington in language clear to it.
From the moment of disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, the military alliance NATO headed by the USA launched persistent campaign for an environment of Russia. Defiantly violating the signed agreements, such as the Fundamental Act of relationship between NATO and the Russian Federation of 1997, the American military alliance approached the aircraft, the fighting ships, rockets and land troops to borders of Russia. Thus, threat of expansion proceeds not from Russia, and from Washington, Finnian Cunningham concludes.
Destabilization in the former Soviet republic Ukraine at the beginning of this year with the purpose to set the illegal, anti-Russian mode violating the rights of the Russian population in the east of the country in defiance of the reached agreements, in Moscow is perceived as "the red line", a limit of possible patience.
Washington sent military aid to the Kiev mode and promotes preparation of the neo-Nazi divisions participating in crimes against humanity in relation to residents of Donetsk and Lugansk. Simply because of their refusal to recognize illegal change of the mode in the country. The last messages testify to preparation of escalation of the military conflict by Kiev in east areas in defiance of the Ceasefire Agreement signed on September 5. Last week during a deliberate shelling of school in Donetsk two school students were killed. It only one of the last similar crimes committed by the mode supported by the West from the moment of the beginning of approach in April of this year.
Approach began in some days after visit of Kiev by the director of CIA John Brennan and holding several meetings behind closed doors with the management of the mode, including the so-called prime minister Arseny Yatsenyuk. Yatsenyuk spoke of the Russian-speaking population in east regions as about "nedochelovekakh" which have to be "smoothed out". In nearly seven months of the state terrorism supported by the West more than 4 thousand people were killed and nearly one million became refugees. However, against this aggression, allies of Washington and NATO in Europe overturn everything upside down, accuse Russia of incitement of the conflict, enter against it retaliatory trade sanctions.
Director of CIA John Brennan
By means of the obliging western official press Washington and its European footmen, and also their mode in Kiev shamelessly invent stories about the Russian military forces interfering on the territory of Ukraine. Images of army escorts are scrolled again and again without specification of date and the indication of concrete places.
This week the press secretary of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Lukashevich once again declared that Moscow denies sending troops and the military equipment to the east of Ukraine. He commented on the last charges of NATO: "Instead of providing the facts, they bring only unreasonable charges".
The press secretary of the Ministry of Defence Igor Konashenkov was expressed more rigidly. He declared: "We already ceased to pay attention to unfounded allegations of the commander-in-chief of forces of NATO in Europe of the general Philip Bridlov that he saw the Russian military columns in the territory of Ukraine".
Cunningham suggests: "It seems that in Moscow finally were tired of attempts of interaction with idiots by Americans and their European puppets by normal diplomatic dialogue. Putin met Obama at the APEC summit in Beijing and during a meeting of the big twenty in these days off in Australia twice, however, there are messages that the Russian leader doesn't answer the phone calls from the White House, much to chagrin of Obama any more.
When you deal with the impudent, arrogant hooligan, the only language which he understands is a demonstration of force.
Russia is right, having begun patrol with warplanes of air space near the USA. Eventually, the American planes do the same in relation to Russia for many years. Only the haughty and irresponsible country can consider to have the right to arrive in this way without any consequences. And any means of diplomacy it is impossible to force it to refuse such behavior. In other words, continuation of advances with Washington and its environment means of ineffective diplomacy doesn't make sense. The hooligan shouldn't indulge, it is necessary to be prepared and fight back properly.

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